Chasteen Land & Title

Title Abstracting for Land and Real Estate Professionals

CLT maintains a network of experienced land and real estate title professionals who are able to complete orders throughout the state of Indiana and the DFW metroplex in Texas. CLT’s team is committed to providing reports that are timely, accurate, detailed and organized, and our reporting system has earned CLT a great reputation with all of the clients and attorneys we work with. CLT employees and contractors are industry-educated professionals able to get the job done in a timely manner.

We are able to provide the following:

Prepare title reports that fit your needs. This includes Current Owner searches, PMM searches, 30 or 50 year searches, and Judgement and Lien searches. Our team is familiar with all aspects of courthouse work, and are able to quickly search records to provide reports that are complete and accurate, with a turn-around time of 24-48 hours.

Oversee residential, commercial, state and federal, railroad, and other complex title projects. We are a certified title-vendor for INDOT (State of Indiana), and have experience abstracting full title chains in multiple states from patent to present.

Provide the copies you want, not the copies you don’t need. Our system is flexible, and ensures that you have a say in what we print and sent to you so that you aren’t paying for extra copies.

Offer a reporting system that is easy to read and understand. Our reports are typed, and our proprietary database and reporting system ensures our reports are generated in a timely manner. This includes an easy to use Client Portal system for requesting searches, as well as a “Quick Request” option on our website that requires no log-in.

Offer rates that are competitive and fair.

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