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What We Do

CLT maintains a robust network of seasoned land and real estate title professionals capable of handling orders across Indiana and Illinois. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering timely, accurate, detailed, and well-organized reports, earning us an excellent reputation among our clients and attorneys. Our employees and contractors are industry-educated professionals who prioritize efficiency and quality.

Here’s what we offer:

  1. Customized Title Reports: We prepare title reports tailored to your specific needs, including Current Owner searches, PMM searches, 30 or 50-year searches, and Judgement and Lien searches. Our courthouse-savvy team swiftly navigates records to provide comprehensive and accurate reports, typically with a turnaround time of 24-48 hours.

  2. Project Oversight: We excel in overseeing a wide range of complex title projects, including residential, commercial, state and federal, railroad, and more. We are a certified title-vendor for INDOT (State of Indiana) and possess the expertise to abstract full title chains across multiple states, tracing them from patent to the present.

  3. Flexible Copy Options: Our system is adaptable, ensuring you receive the copies you want without unnecessary extras. This approach empowers you to have a say in what we print and send, saving you from unnecessary costs.

  4. Clear and User-Friendly Reporting: Our reporting system is designed for easy reading and understanding. Reports are typed for clarity, and our proprietary database and reporting system guarantee the swift generation of reports. We offer convenient options such as a Client Portal system for search requests and a “Quick Request” feature on our website that requires no login.

  5. Deed-Plot Maps: We provide deed-plot maps that vividly illustrate metes and bounds, making it easier to identify issues visually.

  6. Efficient Online Software (DARSy): Our online software, DARSy, streamlines the ordering process and allows you to track order progress efficiently. It also facilitates report writing and review, enhancing overall efficiency.


Whether you require a real estate title search for title insurance purposes on a current owner or seek comprehensive project management for a 3-year leasing and title project, CLT is equipped with the resources to meet your needs promptly and efficiently. We prioritize delivering the highest quality service available in the industry. Our team of researchers undergo rigorous training, and our reports are crafted with clarity and leverage the latest technology to ensure ease of preparation and communication. Your project is in capable hands with us.

Title Abstracting

Database Services

Negotiations and Acquisitions

GIS and Mapping

Permit Acquisition


We specialize in serving a diverse range of markets, including renewable energy, energy, real estate, right of way, and surveying. With a strong focus on delivering accurate and comprehensive title abstracts, our team is well-versed in the specific needs and intricacies of each industry. Our expertise ensures that clients in these sectors receive reliable and timely title services, enabling them to make informed decisions and complete their projects efficiently. Whether it’s supporting renewable energy initiatives, real estate transactions, right of way acquisitions, or surveying projects, CLT is a trusted partner in providing essential title-related solutions.

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