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Brandon and Jeremy Chasteen have been in the title and energy industries since 2003. They began their careers in the Barnett Shale, specializing in complex title reports for various projects. In 2013, they founded Chasteen Land and Title, LLC (CLT), dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient services from project inception to completion, as well as consistent and accurate communication with clients.

Today, our commitment to this vision remains unwavering as we offer a diverse range of skills that allow us to deliver an unmatched product. We firmly believe in narrating the “story” of title – in essence, comprehensively considering all transactions, inheritances, legal actions, and other factors that have shaped the history of a piece of land. Leveraging county records and our expertise, we ensure that your product stands out for its unparalleled accuracy and completeness.

We are equally dedicated to our team members, providing the education and in-field training necessary for them to uphold our standards of quality and efficiency. We take pride in nurturing a small team of highly trained and skilled employees. 

If you are an abstractor looking for potential opportunities, we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected]

Whether you need the confidence of thorough and experience-backed title services or a flexible and dynamic database system, CLT’s expert teams are dedicated to delivering the essential information you require for your projects.


We have always been impressed with Chasteen Land and Title. They are professional, responsive, and always exemplify the highest integrity in their work. Having used numerous other landmen, we have found the Chasteens to set a benchmark in their expertise of title and abstract work that far exceeded our expectations.
Vickie Schuch
Land Manager, Riverside Petroleum Indiana, LLC
I was very pleased with the consistent quality of their work. Their Runsheets and MORs were well organized, and their Abstracts made it simple to quickly identify curative issues that needed to be addressed.
James M. Leibenguth
Attorney at Law, Traverse City, MI


Creating complex title abstracts in Indiana and Illinois is a meticulous and efficient process at our company. Here’s a concise summary of our approach:

  1. Initial Communication: We prioritize understanding our client’s needs and maintaining clear communication. Orders can be placed through our user-friendly online system, DARSy, or via your preferred method.

  2. Research: We leverage all available resources to conduct thorough research. If issues arise, we promptly communicate them and work to resolve them at the courthouse level.

  3. Title Search Report: Our reports are organized for clarity and ease of comprehension. We highlight any issues, providing you with comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

  4. Client Communication: We maintain transparent and consistent communication through email, phone, video chat, or our online tracking system, ensuring you’re always informed about the progress of your order.

  5. Resolution of Issues: Our expert teams are skilled in resolving discrepancies, genealogical challenges, and other complexities that may arise during the research process.

  6. Final Title Abstract: We review the final product for accuracy, organization, and legibility. We accommodate your format preferences and ensure manageable file sizes for efficient processing.

  7. Continuous Education: Our abstractors receive regular training and are encouraged to participate in local and national associations. We conduct ongoing performance reviews to ensure they meet our high standards.

Our commitment to this quality and efficient process guarantees that the complex title abstracts we provide in Indiana and Illinois are accurate, reliable, and well-prepared, empowering our clients with essential information for their transactions.


CLT’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and communication is evident through the integration of technology into our daily processes:

  1. DARSy System: We take pride in offering our clients access to the DARSy system. This platform allows clients to seamlessly enter orders, monitor order progress in real-time, communicate with our team, and receive accurate estimated completion times. DARSy also streamlines report writing, reducing the time spent on typing and editing. It serves as our comprehensive database, drawing from years of work, simplifying project management.

  2. Deed-Plot Maps: Our title abstractors are skilled in providing deed-plot maps accompanied by complex legal descriptions. This visual representation enhances the understanding of each tract, complementing the chain of title by telling the property’s story through maps.

  3. Arc-GIS Certified Team: Our Arc-GIS certified team possesses the expertise to manage GIS databases to meet your specific needs. Whether you require visualizations of production across extensive acreage or need to assess the relationship between a new subdivision and a conservation easement, we deliver tailored visual and database solutions.

By leveraging technology, CLT enhances the quality and efficiency of our services, ensuring that clients receive accurate and comprehensive information while facilitating clear and timely communication throughout the entire process.

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