Chasteen Land & Title

Negotiations and Acquisitions

CLT understands the importance of procuring leases and other interests for our energy clients. We also understand that negotiation over any type of ownership is just as much art as it is anything else. We provide professional negotiation and acquisition agents who are people-oriented and trained to negotiate the best terms for our clients. They are always professional, courteous, and straightforward– whether to landowners or corporate CEOs. We have successfully secured assets and negotiated the transfer and acquisition of interest for our clients in multiple states, while also being mindful of state specific laws and regulations that help us best advise our client on what they need.

Our services include the following:

  • Manage and complete Acquisition projects for energy and other professional clients, including state and federal oil and gas negotiations and leasing
  • Oversee Corporate to Corporate negotiation of transfer or assignment of interest or acquisition of rights
  • Complete lease processing using our sophisticated reporting system
  • Prepare Leases, Affidavits, Orders for Payment, Oil and Gas Lease Renewals, Ratifications, JOAs, Assignments, and other forms of agreements, including surface use, facility sites, damage settlements, and mineral and ‘fee’ site
  • Require regularly updated contact reports for all sub-contractors
  • Employ qualified and trustworthy sub-contractors who have experience leasing in both high-priority and new prospect areas
  • Update a complete GIS/Mapping support system regularly for results you can see
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